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Don Heyne

I was a “corporate America” guy, with the same company for 27 years. I was in charge of a customer service data center and also worked in information technology. I didn’t want to be at the mercy of a large company, of downsizing, middle management changes and all that. After all those years, I decided that I didn’t want to live in the corporate world and began looking for franchise information on the Internet. I even sent for information from one of the large ice cream franchises. When my brother found out I was looking at an ice cream franchise, he told me about Ritter’s. When I visited the shipped in Beavercreek, I was really excited about what I saw. Great products, neat, clean building and patio. I like taking care of my own business. I like opening in the morning, greeting my customer and talking with them. I guess I’m a “people person” and this is the perfect place for me. I have fun with my crew. I like working with energetic kids who like to serve my customers with a smile.

The Ritter’s system fits who I am. It’s about customer focus, the best products, the cleanest environment. I feel like the training and practical experience produced by Ritter’s has made the difference in business management, labor management and much more. Ritter’s has been very supportive of my business. I’m glad I’m in business for myself, not invest my life in someone else’s business.

Brent & Sue Goings

Before we became Ritter’s franchisees, I worked at a large daycare center for a school district. Over the years we started talking about opening our own business. We stated looking at difference franchises, including a bakery franchise. When my father-in-law heard that we were looking at franchise opportunities, he called us and said: “You need to come down and have a look at Ritter’s Frozen Custard!” Not long after, we drove down to Indianapolis and tried Ritter’s. We were very impressed by the surroundings, the friendly people and especially the product. It was just what we were looking for. “Something very good and very different.”

In our first year, there was a learning curve, but we became more and more efficient and felt we were ready to grow. When it came time to open our second shoppe, we realized how important it was to add experienced managers so we could focus on growing our business. It has been a very good transition.

Ritter’s is a fun place to work and those long lines during our peak months really make the time go by quickly. The hours are pretty good compared to other foodservice concepts. Also, the flexibility of owning your own business makes it great for family life. We are able to spend more time with our kids and enjoy our lives move.

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